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Take a look at Aryun's documentary of the world of Anathema, enjoy some light-hearted sheep girl bondage, or view some Warhammer fanart... it is your choice.


New account name and fan-fiction

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 11:51 AM
  • Listening to: Creed - Beautiful
  • Reading: Gav Thorpe - The Sundering
  • Playing: Warhammer Fantasy
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Dear friends and watchers,

I have had this account for a long time now, and the name DollBlue is associated with things...
That I don't want to remember anymore. Nothing bad, but still.

And that is why I am called DarionDamage now, just so I have the same name here and on ;)

By the way, for those interested in Slaaneshi Warhammer fan-fiction about Dark Elves,
here is the link to my first ever real fan-fiction:…

Beware, there be monsters, bdsm, gore, lots of fighting and violence (battles, even...)...
...and hints to possibly not only heterosexual behaviour (hints, I said, since my interpretation of the Cult of Slaanesh is one that includes polymorph sexuality - it is not slash; those who would expect slash would probably be disappointed). But still M16+. So don't beware too much.





your friendly Dark Elf neighbour
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I like fantasy, sci-fi, pen & paper RPG, tabletop, PC games, Warhammer (Fantasy and 40k) and Shadowrun, ball-jointed dolls, dark and sad things, autumn and winter, sun and snow (at the same time plz!), pagan, black, power and death metal, fantasy and pagan folk, gothrock and industrial music, irony, truth, BDSM, sheep, dragons, spiders, elves, beastpeople, Malus Darkblade and Fulgrim.

Also, beside liking yuri and yaoi (and sometimes het hentai, but only if it is kinky and/or has demons, elves or beastmen in it), I have a whole collection of weird almost-fetishes, which sometimes influence my art.

And now to the important stuff, the FAQ:

Interviewer: "Are you doing commissions?"
DD: "Yes. Note me if you want to know about prices and conditions."

Interviewer: "Are you doing requests?"
DD: "Usually not. But if I do - which I do very rarely - , keep in mind that your poor OC will end up all OOC, in bondage, and in an erotic situation with a same-sex partner. Still want that request?"

Interviewer: "Are you doing art trades?"
DD: "If I suggest them, yes. If you suggest them, maybe. Depends on if I am in the mood."

Interviewer: "Is this your only dA-account?"
DD: "No, I also have an account specifically for dolls and photography. See it at veromagica."

I used to have this quote on my page, so I'll just leave it here: "I am your curse. Now run."




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DamionS Mar 19, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hello :wave:
:iconsayhiplz: may I please ask for a simple kinky request? :yum:
mljedi Dec 30, 2013  Professional Filmographer
thanks for the :+fav:
DarionDamage Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Five directions? That might be interesting to play with, considering the golden ration which is present in the pentagram...
...rubber fetish...
Well, you have to admit that his sense of female allure is hard to outdo,
and when he does show faces, he gets some expressions dead on;

my favorite is this one:   Stuck by Rubbermatt

That snapshot characterizes her so well to me:
rich and spoiled and very attractive, just slightly past her prime;
accustomed to being obeyed, she has not yet fathomed what a serious bind she’s in. 
We catch her right before annoyance morphs into frustration, unease, anxiety—
I love it.

Panoramas, yes. Here on DA we have a Flash-fan who does it quite well,
and we had a polemic exchange regarding the fact that,
nowadays, one can achieve the VR effect, with no plugins,
using html alone (html at a level that DeviantArt accepts and, in fact, demands).

In the absence of Sarit, Im resigned to modeling her home town.
Because her culture defines itself largely by opposition to what came before
(which looked very much like our world here),
a lot of simple things that we take for granted are not quite so.
Something as basic as our four cardinal directions:
they’ve convinced themselves that five is better, and they flaunt it.

By “city” do we mean streets and avenues lined by buildings?
Not Arrinda!
No skyscrapers, no levitating freeways; rarely a straight line or a right angle.
That means that I have no use for ready-made 3D models, so it’s gonna take a while.   :worker:
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